With the pressures of succeeding and having an edge over others who are competing for the same opportunity, many find passing certification exams or obtaining a high score on standard tests is the key to getting this edge. The truth is anyone can perform well on tests or exams if only that individual masters the art of taking tests. Congratulations, You Passed! Test-Taking Techniques & Tips for Passing Exams presents a creative problem solving approach to passing exams. These test-taking techniques and tips will encourage you to utilize both your Left Brain and Right Brain in preparing to pass an exam. This book provides a road map to your Exam Day that includes a study plan along with step-by-step instructions on how to study, prepare notes, answer exam questions, and much more. From taking the PHR certification exam to the SAT, the information in this book is transferable to any type of exam.


9-Proven Test-Taking Techniques &

12- Proven Test-Taking Tips included!


“This book is a roadmap for you on your journey to passing your exam!”



For the past 15 years, Betty McKenzie Moore conducted Human Resources (HR) certification preparatory classes for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exams. Using the same techniques and tips in her book, she helped over 900 students pass the HR certification exams on their first try.


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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
  • “I found this book to be very insightful, instructive and educational. I would recommend it to anyone who is about to do an exam or not. Betty has applied her wisdom and success in her craft and this is what makes it more meaningful. Thank you Betty for your passion of helping others.”
    -Manasses Williams

    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
  • “Betty’s knowledge of the subject and writing skills make this a very valuable book for anyone wanting to improve their test results.”
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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
  • “Betty gives very insightful, helpful information. A successful plan of action leads to successful results. Great words of wisdom shared!!”
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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
  • “The author outlines 5 simple, but profound, keys to success in taking and passing virtually any test, Your Motivation, Your Dream, Your Destination, Your Support and Your Commitment. She then provides directions as to how to implement these keys to be successful test and exam taking. If a test is in your future or in the future of someone you know, you really need to read this book.”
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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
  • “The techniques and teachings in this book will quickly become an invaluable tool to help you beyond passing exams. Through her creative problem solving approach, Betty teaches you how to develop a successful study plan that works. From her many years of experience and proven success, You too can become a success story and hear the words, Congratulation, You Passed!”
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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
  • “I already had some of her techniques in my routine of studying. It was reassuring to see she suggested them and more. I’m on the right path.”
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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
  • “This book is a must read, and can be used as a continuous tool for anyone preparing for exams requiring a demonstrated comprehension of the subject matter. I particularly like the initial five preparation steps recommended. As a former student of Betty’s study group, this book will undoubtedly guide you to confidently and effectively achieve your goal.”
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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
  • “Fantastic Book. If you are considering certifications courses or any type of exam that is Important to you, this book is a Must Read.”
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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author
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    Betty Mckenzie Moore Author